The Fitness Omnologist

My name is Amir Siddiqui. I’ve been working with people for just over 10 years. And, in these 10 years I’ve picked up on patterns that repeat themselves in each new person, in each new medium, in a slightly unique way, forming a unique impression, creating their own unique signature and something in common at the same time. Having been inspired and mentored by the great minds of fitness expert Scott Abel and professional intellectual, Howard Bloom, I like to think of myself as a Fitness Omnologist.

All coaches and experts see these patterns repeating in their clients, but how they interpret them is always a bit different. All coaches take a slightly different take on the application of the basic principles or axioms, that they see in their work. This uniqueness enables them to develop general theories which are then applied over and over again with just the rights tweaks, with just the right shove and push, with just the right specification.

This blog is about what I’ve seen and what I’ve come to believe. My own diary of how my perceptions will change through times unzipping of reality.

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