The Basic Axiom: The Fission Fusion Training Model

by amirsidd

Biology Feeds On Instability

 Biology can turn piss to wine. Poison to elixir. Threat to strength. Instability to stability. So long as the dose doesn’t exceed today’s capabilities, the system will return ready for greater challenges tomorrow.

The basis of my Fission Fusion Training Model works on acute and large magnitude stressors applied in micro-cycles and macro-cycles…

Now your biology, can only do two things essentially:

– Ingest energy
– Expend energy

These two energy conduits are the dynamic duo of your metabolism. Your metabolism being a struggle between anabolism and catabolism.

And it is around these two that we shall design our intentions of physiological manipulation around for the betterment of the system, your body and mine.

I use very high volume and high intensity (a qualitative measure, not a percent of max) training to stress the systems energy expenditure conduit. And very low calorie eating on these same days to ADD to the total stress per day, stressing the energy ingestion conduit.

The stability of an organism lies in resilience, the homeostatic capacity to reestablish itself. – Carl Woese

Away from the iron, I will release the pressure valves and allow for no training and increase the calorie counts to push the body towards a state of healing and recovery.

There are multiple ways to stress the binary relation of the energy conduits, depending on the client’s objective, long term and short. The principle to be applied can only be extracted from WITHIN the clients psycho-physiological gestalt. But the above should serve to elucidate the point; that training, is playing chess with stress.